Outdoors Is As Important As Indoors!

Walk the property with a pad and pencil. List anything that you think is less than satisfactory without regard to cost or time. You can review the list afterwards to determine what you can and can’t repair.

The House

Take a close look as you walk the property. Clean anything that looks unkempt or dirty; repair or replace anything that looks loose, dingy, rusted or broken. Make sure the door bell works. Replace a tired-looking mailbox; clean the exterior light fixtures and wash the windows. Try to spot hanging or rusty gutters, crooked antenna, loose shingles or shutters.

The Yard

Turn and weed the bed; trim the trees and shrubs. Lay in ground cover. Mend the fence, fix the gate latch. Pick up litter. Consider a landscaping/lawn service.

Outdoor Furniture

Examine and spot paint your outdoor furniture. If it’s rusty or un-repairable consider disposing of the pieces.

Front Entry

It’s the first thing your buyers see as they stand and wait for the door to open. It’s worth the extra effort to spruce it up.

The Garage

The time has come. Discard virtually everything in the garage that hasn’t been used for a year.

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