Are you concerned about your Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Stop in to RE/MAX Traditions and talk to one of our Real Estate Brokers. We may be able to give you some guidance about mortgage modifications or refinancing. At the very least, we can refer you to a trusted mortgage professional. We are located at 2204 18th Ave in Longmont, Colorado.

Read your Deed of Trust. You should have received a copy of this document when you bought your home. It goes into detail about your obligations and the ramifications of not meeting those obligations. Call us if you need help reading this long document. We can also help you locate a copy of your Deed of Trust on file with the county.

Much of the time, home buyers don’t read these documents completely at the closing table because they are so excited to get the keys to their new homes. Take the time to read them now so you know exactly what to expect when that rate adjusts. Mortgage companies are starting to negotiate!